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Discover amazing events and groups around campus from your favorite mobile device.

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Jump In

Corq pinpoints over 130,000 college and university events a year from more than 250 campuses across North America.

Find Friends

Use Corq to find your niche and get involved on campus through organizations and groups dedicated to your interests.

Near and Far

Whether you’re looking for some quick fun right now or planning your next road trip, Corq will help you get there.

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Keep boredom at bay

Discover a world of opportunity

Browse through thousands of collegiate events and organizations around your campus and community. Share your experiences and create memories with new friends.

Find events that fit your interests

Whether you’re looking for an intriguing lecture on Game Theory and its Impact on Society, or the next Game of Thrones watch party; Corq has you covered.

Don’t miss a thing

Powered by Engage, Corq always shows up-to-date event info that is registered and trusted by your campus.

Be the one in the know

Get the details

From start time to ticket info get all of the details you need to know about your next adventure.

Find your way

Corq will bring you right to the door of an event whether it’s a bike ride, road trip, or across the country.

Share your experience

Get your friends involved by posting events that you are excited about to your favorite social media sites.

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"[Corq] is going to change the face of communication
& convenience on college campuses!"

Juliana Bolaji, Student Government Leader, Buffalo State College

Start finding events in your area

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Don’t be bored. Get Corq.

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Corq Description

Corq helps college and university students discover and locate engaging co-curricular opportunities on and around their campus. Taking advantage of the vast library of events and organizations from the Engage co-curricular management system, Corq also helps institutions of higher education clearly tell their outside-of-the classroom story in an interactive way to prospective students, family members, and community stakeholders. Corq and Engage are proudly produced by Campus Labs in Buffalo, NY.

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